On-going Development Plans:
  1. Project on construction of a water transmission pipeline from Siahkooh wells to Arfa tanks
  2. Project on construction of a 10,000 CM desalination plant
  3. Project on optimization of conveyor belts
Projects and actions of the engineering and development unit in 2017
  1. Relocation of the truck scale from the northern front to the Eastern Road
  2. Construction of a health clinic and fire-station
  3. Expansion of the central manufacturing workshop
  4. Project on expansion of refractory and raw material warehouse
  5. Reparation and widening of southern and western roads to the steel making hall, and optimization of sewage system
  6. Construction of a repair center, parking, and filling stations
  7. Construction of waste management storage and area
  8. Correction of firefighting pipelines in the steel plant site