A product of the direct reduction plant (as an intermediate product used in the Arfa Iron and Steel Company's Steel Plant)
The production rate for the products is provided below:
60,000 tons/year of DRI Briquette
The DRI fine is separated using screens in the process of transmission from the direct reduction plant to the steel (smelter) plant. Then, small amounts of lime and silicate glue are added and the mix is compressed into briquettes in the briquetting machine. Due to their high rate of metallization and a proper weight, briquettes are used in the electric arc furnace to help with the melting.
One of the main considerations in production of briquettes is environmental in nature. In this regard, the DRI fine, which is a waste product in the process of production and transfer of DRI, is turned into briquettes, and after melting, it can be turned into steel ingots.